Susan B. Anthony List's Candidate Fund endorses Stacy Garrity

SBA List's Candidate Fund highlights Stacy's exemplary service to Pennsylvania and her country.

Stacy Garrity at CPAC in Pittsburgh

"We need a change in the Treasurer’s office."

Stacy Garrity with Senator Douglas Mastriano

Doug Mastriano Fighting for Freedom was live

Senator Douglas Mastriano endorsed Stacy Garrity

Senator Douglas Mastriano and Stacy Garrity met in Gettysburg

Stacy Garrity lead the pledge at President Trump's rally

On Thursday 8/20/2020 Stacy visited Old Forge, PA.

Stacy meets with Teddy Daniels, PA Representative of Veterans for Trump.

Stacy Garrity is "In The Trenches with Teddy Daniels".

Stacy's Backstory

Stacy's backstory in under ten minutes

Stacy Garrity on-site to spread her thoughts on treasury for Pennsylvanians

Stacy is thankful for all the support!

God bless the United States of America

Stacy Garrity in celebration of 4th of July

Oliver North endorses Stacy Garrity for PA State Treasurer

See Stacy in a video call with Oliver North.

Stacy Garrity at the Hill-Billy-Jon-Show

Hear the show for free on

Stacy Garrity at the Dean Malik Show

Hear the podcast here for free.

Stacy offically Republican nominee for PA state treasurer

Stacy Garrity looks forward to the general election on November 3rd.

Stacy endorsed by Congressman Marino

Stacy thanks former Congressman Tom Marino

Interview with Stacy Garrity on PCNTV

Stacy outlines her vision and goals for being elected as Pennsylvania State Treasurer

Stacy Garrity talks with Congressman Glenn GT Thompson

See the video "Profiles in Politics".

Representative Kathy Rapp supports Stacy Garrity

Both share strong conservative values for Harrisburg and PA.

Major General John Gronski backs Stacy Garrity

Stacy Garrity is honored to be able to post Major General John Gronski's support.

Former PA State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan endorsed Stacy

Thank you to Former Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan for your endorsement.

Stacy celebrates the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day

In celebration of the 75th anniversary of VE-day Stacy honors Veterans, and all who currently serve as well as their families.

Former Attorney General Ernie Preate endorsed Stacy Garrity

Ernie and Stacy both are pro life and love the Commonwealth

Firearm Owners Against Crime endorsed Stacy Garrity

Firearm Owners Against Crime endorsed Stacy Garrity

SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan

Check here if your small business or your organization is eligible to apply.

Stacy thanks everyone for going the extra mile in the corona crisis

Together, we will win this fight against the virus.

PA Republican Congressional Delegation endorsed Stacy Garrity

Stacy Garrity honored to be officially endorsed.

Decorated Veteran, Businesswoman Stacy Garrity Announces State Treasurer Candidacy

COL. Stacy Garrity, USA, Retired announced her candidacy for Pennsylvania state treasurer today.

'The Angel of the Desert'

NPR has obtained photos of a U.S.-run detention center in Iraq that paint a very different picture of prison life than other images that have saturated the media in recent weeks.

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