Stacy Garrity endorsed by Pennsylvania State Troopers Association

Athens, PA - Republican nominee for state treasurer Stacy Garrity was endorsed by the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association (PSTA, because of her strong commitment to Pennsylvania's law enforcement members.

"Your demonstrated support of law enforcement officers shows resolute determination in making Pennsylvania a safe place for our citizens to live, work and raise a family," said David Kennedy, president of the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association.

In stark contrast, Joe Torsella has shown nothing but disdain for law enforcement, donating to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a radical organization that pays bail for violent criminal, including an alleged murder and rapist.

Torsella even encouraged other people to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, writing on Facebook: “The Minnesota Freedom Fund is paying bail for those who cannot, and I'm grateful to have the means to support them. If you can, I strongly encourage you to support them, or to support another organization doing on-the-ground work to make Minnesota safe and equal.” (Facebook, @JoeTorsellaforTreasurer, 05/30/20)

Torsella doesn't mention that the Minnesota Freedom Fund paid bail for some serious criminals, including Jaleel Stallings, who was charged with attempted murder after allegedly shooting at police during protests on May 30; Chylen Evans, who was charged with looting a liquor store, clothing store and mobile store; a woman accused of killing a friend; and a twice-convicted rapist charged with kidnapping, assault and sexual assault in two separate cases.(Washington Post, 09/03/20)

"I'm honored to receive the endorsement from the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association and stand up proudly for our law enforcement members," Stacy Garrity said. "It's disappointing that Joe Torsella doesn't have greater respect for the men and women who risk their lives to keep all our citizens safe. And it is disgraceful that he use his influence to encourage others to donate to a group that defends violent criminals."

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