Decorated Veteran, Businesswoman Stacy Garrity Announces State Treasurer Candidacy

Athens, PA – COL. Stacy Garrity, USA, Retired announced her candidacy for Pennsylvania state treasurer today. A decorated veteran and a trailblazing businesswoman, Stacy brings years of financial and management experience to the treasurer job.“Pennsylvania deserves a treasurer who prioritizes fiscal responsibility, transparency, and putting Pennsylvania taxpayers first – not someone who uses the job as a step on the political ladder,” Stacy Garrity said. “Over the past three years, our transparency rating has declined, and taxpayers have been footing the bill for secret investment fees. We deserve better.

“We need a treasurer who understands that every dollar counts,” Garrity continued, “someone who understands how people in Pennsylvania’s heartland struggle to make ends meet – not a card carrying member of the Philadelphia elite. In the military, we value honesty, integrity, responsibility, and getting the job done. We could use more of those values in the treasurer’s office.”

Stacy Garrity was born and bred in Bradford County, PA. She enlisted in ROTC in college and was deployed three times to Iraq: in 1991 in Operation Desert Storm, in 2003 in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and in 2008 in Operation Enduring Freedom. She was awarded the Bronze Star twice for exceptional service and received the Legion of Merit before retiring from the Army Reserve with the rank of colonel.

Stacy’s service in the Army Reserve brought her to national attention, when she was dubbed “the Angel in the Desert” for her perfect record overseeing enemy combatants in Iraq, amid scandals about prisoner abuse at other facilities.

While serving in the Army Reserve, Stacy joined Tungsten & Powders Corp., a refractory powder manufacturing company, as a cost accountant, and worked her way up to the first of two female vice presidents at the company.

Stacy is committed to opening Pennsylvania’s books and making every dollar 100% transparent, returning the $3.5 billion in unclaimed property to taxpayers, eliminating waste, and expanding the 529 College and Career Savings Program to help make higher education affordable.

Learn more about Stacy at her website.

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