Meet Stacy

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Stacy Garrity, a decorated combat veteran and business pioneer, is rooted in the values of the place she was born and raised. She is devoted to the idea that Pennsylvanians are entitled to lives of prosperity and fulfillment.

Stacy graduated from Sayre High School and then earned a degree in finance and economics from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. She would go on to receive a certificate from The Cornell University Business Management Institute.

While serving in the U.S. Army Reserve, Stacy began a business career as a cost accountant for Global Tungsten & Powders Corp., a worldwide supplier of refractory powders. She worked her way up in the company’s ranks to become one of the first female vice presidents at Global.

She also serves on the board of Bradford County United Way and is a trustee of Guthrie Hospital.

Stacy’s service in the Army Reserve brought her to national attention. Amid scandals about prisoner abuse at other facilities, the national media highlighted her stellar performance as one of the officers in charge of an internment camp for enemy combatants in Iraq.

Iraqis dubbed her “the Angel of the Desert” when her service at Camp Bucca in Southern Iraq resulted in a perfect record. She kept the camp secure and American troops safe without a single complaint of abuse from Iraqi soldiers interned there during her command.

Stacy served a remarkable three deployments in defense of America: in 1991 in Operation Desert Storm, in 2003 in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and in 2008 in Operation Enduring Freedom. She was awarded the Bronze Star twice for exceptional service and received the Legion of Merit before retiring from the Army Reserve with the rank of colonel.

Stacy is married to Daniel Gizzi, a project analyst at Corning Incorporated. Stacy worships at both the Christian Life Church and Emory Baptist Church.