Stacy Garrity won the Pennsylvania state treasurer race

Athens, PA - In a stunning upset, Republican Stacy Garrity has won the Pennsylvania state treasurer race, the first Republican to win the office since 2000. This is the first time an incumbent Democrat has lost statewide office since 1994.

Stacy spoke with incumbent treasurer, Joe Torsella, who conceded the race Tuesday afternoon (11/10/2020).

Stacy Garrity ran an underdog campaign, spending a mere $260,000 compared to Joe Torsella’s $2 million-plus. Instead, Garrity traveled all across the state, emphasizing her credentials as a 30-year veteran and a job creator, and sharing her fervent belief that all Americans should have the opportunity to live the American Dream.

Stacy promised to focus on making the treasurer’s office work for all Pennsylvanians, to shine a bright light on government spending and make sure government doesn’t spend money it doesn’t have.

“I’m truly honored by the faith Pennsylvanians have placed in me, and I promise not to let them down,” Stacy Garrity said. “In the Army, we lived by the most fundamental American values – honesty, integrity and selfless service – and I think Harrisburg can use some of those values. As treasurer, I will focus on holding government accountable for all taxpayers and making sure the treasurer’s office works for all Pennsylvanians, regardless of party.

“I must thank the thousands of people I met on the campaign trail who volunteered their time and offered their support. Our campaign was fueled by hardworking volunteers and regular folks who just want to make sure our government spends taxpayer dollars fairly and transparently.

“I spoke with Joe Torsella and thanked him for his service to our state,” Stacy continued. “Joe has implemented a number of good ideas that I hope to continue and build upon.

"Finally, I am grateful to God for the opportunity and honor of serving the people of Pennsylvania."

About Stacy Garrity

Stacy Garrity is a 30-year military veteran who served three deployments to Iraq. She was awarded the Bronze Star twice and received the Legion of Merit before retiring from the Army Reserve with the rank of Colonel. Stacy's service brought her to national attention for her stellar record overseeing an Iraqi internment camp. Iraqis even called her "the Angel of the Desert."

During her time in the Army Reserves, Stacy began working at a Pennsylvania manufacturing company, Global Tungsten & Powders Corp., ultimately becoming one of two female vice presidents at the company.

Stacy earned a degree in finance and economics from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and later received a certificate from the Cornell University Business Management Institue. She is married to Daniel Gizzi (Photo), and they live in Athens, Pa. in Bradford County.

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